A Brief History of Telemedicine

The modern age of telemedicine began in 1960 when NASA installed advanced instrumentation into the space suits of astronauts to record and monitor their physiological parameters—a technological breakthrough at the time. Currently, telemedicine exists through cross-continental education and video consultations. With the acceleration of electronic sciences, particularly in the field of communication, telemedicine has become a fast and convenient way to deliver expert healthcare directly to the patient from a distance.     

Who Invented Telemedicine?

The term telemedicine is a concept that covers several different forms of medical communication, so it’s impossible to credit one specific person or group to the overall success of this phenomenon. This broad idea encompasses everything from doctor house calls to real time video communication to email consultations. Certain patients require specialty care, and through telemedicine, doctors are able to provide round-the-clock attention from anywhere in the world.    

Telemedicine In History

Long-distance healthcare may have been conceived with the intent of healing patients in impossible-to-reach locations—like a space capsule—but it’s also been put to practical use through healthcare home delivery services. In the 1970’s, advances in remote monitoring systems may have provided medical care to astronauts, but it also connects grounded physicians all over the world.    

Evolution of Telemedicine

Before it’s uses in the Space Program, telemedicine may have begun with something as basic as physician house calls. And while very few doctors provide that service these days, medical professionals are able to use the latest technology to replace this antiquated way of delivering in-home healthcare. Telemedicine also has been used to provide immediate connections between EMT workers and physician specialists. A doctor, for instance, can guide EMTs working a patient in an ambulance when their training is inadequate for the task at hand.       

Md&Np2Me Connects Patients with Certified Medical Professionals in the Ocoee, Florida Area

From midwives to home monitoring systems, examples of telemedicine and telehealth have existed throughout the history of medicine. Improvements in technology have now made some of the traditional medical practices more efficient and cost effective. MdNp2Me offers comprehensive ways to bridge the connection between client and patient. Contact us to find out how you can save time and money by using Telemedicine as an option.

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