Introduction to Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a healthcare service that utilizes advanced commutative technologies to provide quality care to patients in remote locations. This service is beneficial to both the patient and medical facilities because it’s more cost effective to treat patients from the comfort of their own homes. With these practical services employed, patients can improve their quality of life by finding doctors who can specifically deal with their physical and mental maladies.

Physicians are no longer restricted to their office spaces or equipment.   

Why should a doctor’s expertise be limited by geography when we have the technology to broadcast their healing touch to other continents? Telemedicine gives patients the opportunity to receive quality healthcare, even if they’re located in rural areas. Most people prefer to recover from their illnesses at home, surrounded by loved ones, with as little disruption to their lives as possible. Get better without enduring costly, time-consuming trips to the doctors or hospital and lengthy stays away from home.       

Video Conferencing

Telemedicine takes video conferencing beyond social interactions; it’s actually used to save lives. Through visual cyber communications, patients can get the attention they immediate attention that they require and deserve. Online communications have made video conferencing a special form of healthcare in the following ways:

  1. Distance – one of the main advantages of video conferencing is that doctor-patient communications are instantaneous, regardless of geographical distances.          
  2. Cross continental physician communication – Video conferencing can also be used to connect physicians to patients anywhere in the around the world. This service is particularly useful to traveling patients who need specialized healthcare from their regular doctors.    
  3. Educational outreach Sharing information through educational seminars and discussions is an amazing way to deliver life-saving information.
  4. Effective critical care – In an emergency, time is of the essence. Video conferencing can be used to provide immediate care to patients in ambulances with serious injuries.   
  5. Accessible mental healthcare Many patients suffering from depression or other debilitating mental conditions are unable or unwilling to leave their homes. Now, doctors and therapists can interact and check in on their patients in their homes.

Store and Forward

Store and Forward refers to the service that digitally records images such as radiological pictures and sends them to a physician in a remote rural area for diagnosis and healthcare advice. Information such as X-rays, MRIs, and video-exam clips can be examined by specialists who are across the country or in other parts of the world. Store and Forward communications are especially useful between medical peers, and they facilitate accurate diagnoses when video conferences are unavailable or unnecessary. These methods are particularly useful in the following fields:

  • Radiology – Through store and forward services, hospitals in far-off areas can seek advice on MRI’s and x-rays from specialized physicians.     
  • Dermatology Photographs of patients’ skin conditions can be examined and reviewed to make a diagnosis.
  • Ophthalmology – Retinal camera images can be transmitted between ophthalmologists and other physicians.   

The benefits from store and forward telemedicine include:  

  1. Access to new patients in distant markets
  2. Simpler doctor education and consults
  3. Patient satisfaction
  4. Minimizes the liability of medical malpractice
  5. Speed
  6. Convenience    


mHealth is a unique form of telehealth because the focus is on self-care, rather than patient-to-physician interaction. User-directed healthcare technology can be as simple as downloading an application. Patients are encouraged to utilize mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to analyze their own healthcare data.

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Telemedicine has changed and evolved over the years, but it has finally come into its own, proving itself as a valuable tool for the healthcare community. Capitalize on the speed and efficiency that has made telemedicine such a popular option for patients and doctors. MdNp2Me brings the latest in quality healthcare to your home without the wait times of a doctor visit. Find out how telemedicine can benefit you.

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