Medical Tourism Industry

Oftentimes, patients discover better deals on treatments and physician services when traveling overseas and into faraway regions. Medical tourism is appealing to many patients because it combines the excitement of a vacation to an exotic locale with high-quality healthcare services.      

Through telemedicine, the medical tourism industry has responded to this increased demand by introducing new and innovative ways to care for patients who are far away from the doctors and specialists they normally use.      

Medical Tourism in Florida

As a popular tourist attraction, Miami has been a hotspot destination for many out-of-state vacationers, but an unexpected illness can shatter an otherwise incredible experience. Offering telemedicine to accommodate tourists is just one of the ways that the Florida healthcare community has worked to facilitate travelers.

This is especially true when doctors treating medical tourists need to consult with their primary care physicians and other doctors back home. And Florida’s government also seems to be on board medical tourism. The state legislature has introduced language that encourages Enterprise Florida to portray the Sunshine State as a “healthcare destination in collaboration with the Department of Economic Opportunity.”       

Medical Tourism Statistics

Based on a model that shows that 3-4% of the world’s population will travel overseas to benefit from specialized healthcare, industry experts believe that medical tourism will increase by 25% over the next ten years. In fact, of the 33% of all patients who travel abroad for cosmetic surgery, 90% of them engage in normal tourism activities.     

Md&Np2Me introduces health professionals to patients far from their normal doctors                      

Whether you’re on vacation or otherwise away from your normal physician, you don’t have to worry about illness ruining your trip. You can receive the latest in expert healthcare with minimal interruption to your vacation. MdNp2Me works to connect top-tier physicians to patients travelling in remote areas. Before you embark on a medical vacation, contact us to learn more about telemedicine.

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