What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a catchall term that describes healthcare offered from a distance, as opposed to a face-to-face office visit or a trip to the hospital. Advancements in communications technology have given physicians the ability to share their medical expertise across faraway regions—opening the door to specialized emergency healthcare and educational advice. In some cases, the ability to immediately access expert advice without travel time can save a life. In most situations, the practice saves money on travel and the expense associated with a hospital visit.        

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Individuals who travel frequently are often come in contact with microbes and other conditions that they’ve never been exposed to. These factors can attack the immune system and make the traveler more vulnerable to illness. When tending to the elderly or those who need specialized attention, telemedicine is one of the most efficient and practical ways to provide quality care that’s convenient for both the patient and physician. As telemedicine increases in popularity, more healthcare insurance companies are extending benefits to cover digital medical services.  

Medical Tourism

As is the case with most businesses, the medical industry sets the prices of its products and services according to supply and demand. Consequently, regional offices charge competitive prices. So, to get the best deal on medical services, more patients are traveling to destinations where the costs of the services that they need to be much lower.


Many patients discover expert healthcare (at a discount) in less developed nations. Even when they include the cost of travel, many patients find it more affordable to have their surgeries and treatments in other regions or countries. In addition to getting the healthcare services that they need, medical tourists can also enjoy an escape to an exotic destination. And with telemedicine, the local doctors can communicate with the patient’s doctors back home.

Md&Np2Me connects health professionals with clients who need services in remote areas

New technology has eliminated the challenge of treating maladies from a distance. A greater number of insurance companies are opening the door to alternative medical care options. MdMp2Me services bridges the gap between patients and healthcare service providers. Find out how telemedicine can save you money and make your vacation safer. Call today.

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