Telemedicine in Orlando and Florida

A Brief Intro to Telemedicine


One of the first practical uses for modern telemedicine occurred in 1960 when NASA used advanced communication technology to monitor the vital health signs of astronauts in space. But the applications of telemedicine are far more common down here on the surface. The American Telemedicine Association utilizes the term telemedicine to describe all forms of distant healthcare. Some of these methods include emails, remote vital-sign monitoring, and even two-way videos. According to the Center for Connected Health the broader term telehealth “is not a specific service, but a collection of means to enhance care and education delivery.”     

Remote Medical Care in Orlando, Florida


Though Florida may be a popular tourist destination, parts of the Sunshine State lack readily available healthcare. In these remote areas, telemedicine may provide some safe, practical answers to the problem. The state has enacted legislation to ensure that a high standard of care is met. Listed below are a few standards for telemedicine set by Florida law:

  1. A medical practitioner must be a licensed Florida physician.   
  2. Normal standard of care procedures must be met.
  3. Florida doctors are responsible for the quality and maintenance of their equipment.
  4. Prescribing controlled substances is prohibited through the use of telemedicine.

For Visitors Vacationing in FL


You may never need to use telemedicine, even when you’re travelling far from home. But should you have an accident or suffer a medical illness while you’re on vacation, telemedicine allows local doctors to consult your regular physicians. If you are travelling internationally, you should always purchase travel health insurance as a precaution. Also, keep your primary doctor’s name and phone number ready, so that you can receive specialized care from a professional who you know and trust. Finally, make sure to pack your insurance cards and any prescription medication that you need. If possible, leave the medication in its packaging with prescription labeling to avoid legal misunderstandings.

Md&Np2Me connects patients to medical professionals in the Florida area


Telemedicine has opened the door to a wide range of healthcare possibilities. Patients who need specialized healthcare that’s not offered in their location can travel to a place where it is and still have access to their own doctors. Md&Np2Me provides high quality medical services with maximum convenience. Contact us today to learn more about how telemedicine can work for you.

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